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Release notes for new features, improvements, and fixes.

February 17, 2023

Task Grouping & Table view

Being able to group tasks by Feature or Scope helps keep your work organized and allows you to focus where you're needed.

Task board grouping

This update includes the obvious functionality of dragging between features or scopes. Same when creating tasks while grouped, the new task will be added to the feature or scope based on what you're grouped by.

February 10, 2023

Dashboard Updates

The project cards update carries over into the dashboard update with the Recent Projects section now display a similar project card with the logo and banner image options. Keeping tabs on what you're working on this week is also present here with the new sections.

Dashboard / Recent Projects

Displaying up to 5 recent projects on the Dev Nova dashboard offers immediate access and psychological continuity to the work in progress. These quick-access project cards serve as visual bookmarks that save time and mental bandwidth, reducing the need to navigate through menus or lists. Featuring client logos and banners on these cards not only enriches the visual experience but also aids in rapid identification, enabling you to instantly recognize the client or project scope.

Moreover, having these at your fingertips facilitates seamless transitioning between multiple ongoing projects.

It becomes particularly advantageous in high-paced environments where multi-tasking is the norm, allowing you to jump back into active projects with minimal friction. Overall, it's a feature that enhances both productivity and user experience.

Keep track of your recently viewed projects and jump right back in from the dashboard!

Notice the four dark cards above the recent project? Clicking those takes you to a view with the correct filter to show you the results of those numbers.

My Assignments Views

The "My Assignments" displays a filtered table view showing you all of your assigned tasks, scopes, releases, and meetings, across all projects.

Utilizing a table view for displaying all your assigned tasks across various projects brings the benefit of consolidated, organized data, enhancing the efficiency of task management. Sorting features based on properties like project, due date, and status add layers of control and customization. This is crucial for prioritizing tasks and for time management.

In a table view, you can quickly spot overdue tasks, identify bottlenecks, or recognize patterns by sorting based on due date or status. This high-level view reduces the complexity involved in juggling tasks across multiple projects and makes it easier to allocate resources or adjust schedules. It also permits rapid cross-referencing, as you can sort by project name to see all related tasks at once.

Moreover, the structured layout of tables is easier to scan visually, making it quicker to locate specific tasks. You can instantaneously get a grasp of your workload and task distribution, enabling more informed and strategic decision-making. Overall, the table view serves as a powerful tool for both macro and micro-level task management.

Dashboard / Due soon

Also added to the dashboard is the short list of "Due soon" objects.

This will show Scope awaiting your approval, assigned scopes that are due soon, upcoming meetings, and tasks due within the next week.

The quick-look table view of items due soon.
The full dashboard view with quick links, recent projects, and due soon tables.
January 23, 2023

Project Cards & List

The project list page received some love this week with updates to the theme, layout, and the cards. It's important that your projects feel like your projects. Custom client logos and project card banners are now available!

Project Card Update

We now have multiple states for the card, depending on if you have uploaded logos, banners, etc.

Custom logo and banner image support for Dev Nova's project cards offer both aesthetic and functional advantages. Visually, they help in immediate brand recognition, giving each project a unique identity that aligns with its brand values. Functionally, the custom imagery acts as a visual summary, helping stakeholders quickly identify the project amidst multiple cards. This is particularly beneficial in larger settings where multiple projects are handled simultaneously. The customized visuals act as mnemonic aids, streamlining project management by reducing cognitive load and enhancing engagement.

The default card

A simple, basic card that take the first letter of the client name and uses it as the logo.

The logo card

Now we're getting somewhere. If you upload a client logo, all the project cards will display the logo.

The banner card

This is where it's at. Now the logo moves to the smaller upper left and the banner is prominently displayed, helping identify and personalize your projects.

The visual view - Columns

A column-based view for organizing project cards offers a highly intuitive and flexible approach to project management. It allows for customized categorization—be it by project status, priority, or any other metric—that can be effortlessly created and named by users. This not only aids in easy navigation but also fosters effective tracking and reporting. The drag-and-drop functionality ensures that the tool is dynamic, allowing project statuses and priorities to be adjusted on the fly with minimal friction. Having the client logo or a project banner, along with essential details like the project name and assigned personnel, further enriches the user experience by enabling quick visual identification and assessment. Overall, this approach maximizes operational efficiency, improves team collaboration, and elevates the project management experience to a new level.

The list view - Table

A table view offers a structured, data-driven approach to project management. It's particularly useful for those who prefer a detailed, at-a-glance understanding of multiple project variables such as status, assigned users, and last updated date. Tables excel in data density and readability, enabling quick cross-comparison and analytical insights. The presence of client logos alongside essential text-based information like project and client names provides visual cues for quick identification, yet retains the primary focus on the data itself. Moreover, tables are often better suited for sorting and filtering operations, making it easier to prioritize tasks or identify bottlenecks. Overall, the table view complements the more visual, column-based view by offering a different set of advantages geared towards detail-oriented decision-making and analysis.

December 12, 2022

Theme update

The original theme was always meant to be a temporary starting point or foundation to use while building out all the different page layouts. It is time for the design review and implementation of the v1 theme.

A thoughtful change to the template

Colors have a profound effect on us. They can subtly affect our mood, energy, and so on. After years of using the initial "dev" theme, we have come to the conclusion that the red undertones that were selected did not have a positive effect after extended use. For that reason we have updated our base color scheme to use a deep soothing blue.

Dev Nova feature screen shot of the project start up page, showing quick links for coaching and more.

Blue is a popular color choice for UI design because it is often associated with feelings of trust, reliability, and security. It is also a color that is easy on the eyes and can help to create a sense of calm and clarity.

Blue can be used to effectively highlight important elements in a user interface and to draw the user's attention to specific areas. Additionally, blue is a color that is widely recognized as professional and corporate, making it a good choice for many business applications.

Blue is one of the most important colors in UI design.

Most common types of colorblindness (Protanopia and Deuteranopia) can see the color blue. This isn't the case for colors like green or red.

Updated theme for the task modal.
Updated theme for the scope document.
Updated theme for the project page.
November 8, 2022

Project pages

Perfect for random notes, requirements, and documentation. And they can be shared with anyone by generating a public sharable link.

New Feature: Project Pages

From the beginning, we knew that project pages would be a core feature. Being able to document information in the context of the project is a game changer. It will always be part of the project, you can always reference, even after the project is done and archived.

Being able to quickly share with internal people as well as clients, contractors, stakeholders, or anyone should be as simple as creating a read-only shareable link and sending it.

This feature has been extremely useful for us as we have been using it internally for years while developing Dev Nova.


  • Pages organized by a top level folder
  • Privacy settings so only specific people can view/edit
  • Public sharable link, allow anyone with the link to view in read only mode
  • Two column layout content and references
  • Sections with linkable headers

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