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I used AI and Free Resources to Build an Agency Subscription Landing Page That's Changing the Game!

Article Summary
  • Look at what you're good at
  • Are there people or companies that could benefit from your skills?
  • Could your knowledge, experience, or opinion be offered as a subscription?
  • Use AI to quickly test different landing pages for your services
  • I used Midjourney and ChatGPT 4
  • Form your idea, make a plan and enhance it with AI
  • Reach out to people in your circle for feedback, testimonials, and referrals
  • Tell everyone about it
I used AI and Free Resources to Build an Agency Subscription Landing Page That's Changing the Game!

For me, AI is an idea accelerator. Using AI in this way feels good, crafting the input and shaping the output.

There will always be a place for a standard project price, but there are so many opportunities for you to help others by allowing them to tap into the brain of an expert. Maybe they have a big pitch coming up and want to show their outline to someone who can offer genuine feedback. You could be that person. And the list goes on.

I wanted to offer my services to more people with an easy-to-understand set of "products." I work with freelancers, Agencies, Executives, Teams, Producers, Creative Directors, and more. It was hard to explain what I do before knowing what you do. That is why I started down this path. "You want coaching on optimizing freelance management? Totally. Go to this page, here's what to expect, etc." It puts control into the hands of the client. They can pause or cancel if they ever need to.

This article shows a peak behind the curtain of my approach and execution of making this change for my company.

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How do you handle negotiating NET terms for payments on a project?

Article Summary
  • You can say no to NET terms
  • Set your own terms
  • Disconnect payments from deliverables
  • Get comfortable talking about money
  • Offset NET terms by invoicing up front
  • Ask why they use NET, 45, 60, 90, etc.
How do you handle negotiating NET terms for payments on a project?

In a digital, real-time, world. How do you justify withholding payment for 3 months on digital goods you have already received? The work has been performed, and the goods have been delivered. What's the holdup?

As a freelancer and agency, you can set payment terms. You do not have to accept what the client wants. You will, however, need to be prepared to explain the reasoning and close the deal. I was surprised by how many freelancers didn't realize they could say no to NET 45, 60, etc., and create their own payment schedule optimized to push for successful project delivery.

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Employee to Freelancer - Transitioning from a full time employee to business owner

Article Summary
  1. Get fired, spiral, then get going
  2. Update your portfolio
  3. Tell everyone you know that you're available for X type of work
  4. Set up your LLC, S-Corp, business checking & credit card
  5. Set up payroll as W2 employee with dividends
  6. Hire an accountant
  7. Client intro & project discovery
  8. Don't be afraid to ask questions (Or sound stupid)
  9. Read and update NDAs and avoid Non-Compete
  10. Price anchor and include profit in the price
  11. Negotiate & close the deal
  12. Set your own payment terms, scopes, and contracts
  13. Be the most organized and informed
  14. Help the ones around you
  15. Talk about what you do
Employee to Freelancer - Transitioning from a full time employee to business owner
I recently had a call with a very talented individual starting their transition from employee to freelancer. They did not spiral, by the way. However, they were unexpectedly let go from their full-time position.

They already had a good grasp on the initial steps to take and were well on their way to being a successful freelancer/contractor. Here are some of the highlights that came out of the transition conversation.

Update your portfolio and reach out to your network

The first step is to put it out there that you're available to take on new projects. For some, this can feel like begging for work, but let's think about it from the other side. I, for one, was low-key excited to hear they were out on their own now because I have projects I would hire them for now.

So, when I saw their announcement, I first felt empathy because the safety net was just cut out from under them, and then I felt excitement because this meant they were available. So, please, never feel like announcing you are available for new projects or work is begging. When you have the skill and talent you worked hard for years to cultivate, you are doing others a favor by being available.

So go get on Squarespace, Webflow, Framer, or similar. Highlight what you do and show examples of it in practice.

Post on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc., and tell your story. Remember, your next client is only three degrees of separation away. Start the conversation.

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