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The terrible state of tech interviews


Pilot episode - Dev Talk Season 1, coming soon.

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Dev Talk, where you're invited to join the top performers in the tech industry for a post-work chat, as if you're right there with them! In this captivating first episode, host Kevin Razmus sits down with the insightful and innovative Lenaire to tackle a pressing issue: the terrible state of tech interviews.

Kevin and Lenaire kick off the conversation by sharing some of their wildest experiences during tech interviews, from puzzling questions to downright bizarre situations. They don't just dwell on the negative, though – our hosts also review how employers can improve the interview process to create a more positive experience for all parties involved.

But it doesn't stop there. Kevin and Lenaire then offer some valuable tips for interviewees to navigate these challenging encounters and make the best of the situation. They emphasize the importance of preparation, adaptability, and communication to help candidates shine even in the face of imperfect interview processes.

Lastly, the dynamic duo dives into the world of alternative career paths, such as freelancing and starting your own business to do contract work. They discuss the pros and cons of these options, shedding light on how these paths can offer greater flexibility, autonomy, and control over one's career trajectory.

So, grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and join Kevin and Lenaire for an engaging and informative conversation that will leave you both entertained and enlightened. Tune in to Dev Talk Episode 1: The Terrible State of Tech Interviews, and join the after-work conversation you've always wanted to be a part of!

Host Kevin Razmus

Guest Wivvlenaire Jean-Baptiste

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